What Makes a Corset Comfortable?

td-800It is no secret that corsets have an unfortunate reputation of being torturous, and they are regarded such because generally it is believed that a woman has to out herself in paint to come up to the beauty standards set by society. Contrary to popular observation, a well-fitting corset is not only supportive to your body, but is actually comfortable rather than suffocating.

Understand your Fit

A corset must complement your body’s underlying structure as well as your measurements in order to be comfortable. Corsets only compress the soft tissues at your waist, unlike cinchers and shapers that girdle the ribs and hips as well, tugging in the bone. Lacing adds a significant adjustable element to fit, and renders a finished look to the garment. Select your level of compression and invest in good quality corsets that don’t put too much pressure on your skeleton.

Daisy-22Analyze the Corset Construction

Corset construction is vital to making a comfortable piece. Some people prefer clinching corsets with stiff fabrication, while others go for a suppler end result that allows free movement. Moldable fabrics, spiral bones, and single layer construction are generally the most worn construction type among the consumers and if you live in a particularly hot place a net summer corset will provide the required breathability adequately.

The Feel Good Factor

Lastly, your corset should make you feel good and confident. If you are constantly worrying about how you can’t bend your torso, or how exposed your cleavage is, it is natural to become uncomfortable. Analyze what you need out of your corset, and how you are going to wear it to form an understanding that ensures you are not uncomfortable later on.

There are some people who just don’t like their bodies to be corseted, so it can be said that corsets are an acquired taste. But at the same time, it can’t be denied that corsets improve the posture and can make you feel good about yourself, so if you are really adamant to make the shapewear work for you, remain patient and understand how your body responds to different types of corsets out there and then adjust accordingly. Corsets can be comfortable if you learn them right!

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