Extended Sizes Versus Plus Sizes: A Better Solution or Just More Confusion?

Recently, a debate regarding the term ‘plus size’ sparked a lot of media attention, with social media going berserk with hashtags like #droptheplus, and use the term ‘extended size’ to join the politically correct lot. This has caused wild confusions among the consumers, marketers, and the investors, because the lingerie industry is already facing severe issues sorting out customers who have small frames with large cup sizes and plus sized women.

As BigGalsLingerie exclusively caters to plus size consumers, they stick with the widely accepted term to save the consumers from unnecessary confusion. Let us look at the problems associated with using extended size in lieu of plus size:

The Term is Unclear

When it comes to marketing for full figured, full bust, and plus sizes, marketing becomes an increasingly frustrating job because extended works as a substitute to aforementioned classes. Using a single term for three different classes of consumers makes it unclear what an ‘extended’ line exactly refers to. So whether you are a 38A or a 28G, you may end up with the wrong bra size because of this grouping.

It Delivers Ineffective Information

Full bust sizing defines women with smaller band sizes and larger cup sizes, while full figure sizing identifies plus size women with larger cup sizes. Generally, plus size encompasses women clothing in 14+ clothing size range, regardless of the cup size, while extended is used as a catch phrase for all the three categories. Now, not all plus size women have large breasts so a full figured woman with smaller cup size will definitely be misguided by this new trend.

It is Emotionally Damaging

Plus size lingerie customers should not have to settle in for terms that make them feel sympathized with, just as full bust customers shouldn’t accept a term that makes them feel intimidated. 2015 is all about embracing your body without being looked down upon. We need to come up with terms that have clear definitions that can be used in a colloquial way. One of the main reasons why the term ‘plus size’ has a strong hold in the industry is the fact that it is one of the very few terms, the definition of which everyone agrees upon.

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