Halloween Costumes – Dos and Don’ts

Halloween is just around the corner and it is the best time to unleash your creative side and come up with unique outfits. However, there are some pitfalls in this field of creativity where a single faulty aspect of your ensemble can let the whole look and effort go downhill.

Listed below are a few dos and don’ts of Halloween costumes for you so that you make an informed decision.


Save the skimpy looks for the bedroom

Keep in mind that lingerie and random props don’t make for a Halloween costume. Wearing your lingerie in public is one of the ultimate costume fashion faux pas, so make sure you avoid it.

DO be a femme fatale

A tastefully sexy look is always welcomed at Halloween parties. If being a femme fatale is your MO this Halloween, then go all in for a sophisticatedly flirty look with BigGalsLingerie.com’s costumes.

DO be creative

So how many times are you going to be a witch, a nurse, a cat, or a princess at Halloween, seriously! Let go of these ho hum characters and log onto BigGalsLingerie.com’s costume section to choose from a variety of ideas to dress up this Halloween sizes 1X to 12X available!

DO find a costume buddy

Halloween can be far more enjoyable if you have a costume buddy. The first rule of friendship is: Friends don’t let friends make a fool of themselves ALONE! So go all in with hair and makeup with unique outfit ideas and pair up with your best friend to make it a memorable night!

DO keep it simple

While you may disagree with us on this one, read on to understand our point. Overdoing anything, even a Halloween costume will ruin your entire look and make it look like you are trying too hard to blend in and look pretty.


Bulky Costumes

Oversized bulky costumes suit the kids and the past, so if you are over 18, and not stuck in the 2000s, then steer clear of bulky costumes.

Not dressing up your Eyes

If your costume is spot on but you are not wearing appropriate makeup to go with your character, then it’s a fail. Ask a talented friend to do it for you!

Not leaving something to the imagination

Don’t use Halloween as an excuse to look tart. No one likes attention-hungry party goers, so keep it sexy but classy.

Shop for the latest Plus Size Halloween costumes at BigGalsLingerie.com and step out of the crowd by making a clear style statement!

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