Lingerie and Accessories to Help You Stay Cool and Dry

Though summer maybe wrapping up, but you can still feel the heat. The humidity levels are still on the rise, which can make for a bad hair day and sweaty outfits!

Summer calls for accessories that will help you stay dry and cool so that you are able to perform the daily chores accordingly. Listed below are a few ways following which you can stay sweat free:

Protective Layers

Barrier clothing is frequently needed under dresses if you live in a very hot region. The protective layers help absorb the sweat and keep you dry during the day. It is natural to feel a bit hot, as layers trap heat, so try to keep to only one layer during the hot summer days.


A discussion on slips truly deserves an entire blog, but we are just going to state a few basics. Slips come handy all year round, and help you protect your favorite outfits during summers. Make sure your slip is made from a breathable fabric like cotton so that instead of trapping the sweat and making it feel like a sauna, it absorbs it.

Dusting Powder

If you live in a hot region, layering may lead to excessive sweating so dusting powder can be your option to help stay dry in this case. Sweat is practically everywhere on your body because it is your body’s defense mechanism to cool off. So sprinkle a good quality dusting powder in your shoes, in your bra, and under your arms to feel dry yet moisturized.


Deodorants are a budget friendly way to keep you fresh and breezy during the warm summer months. There is an assortment of deodorants available in the market for you to choose from, so choose one which appeals to you and has the ability of rejuvenating you on dull and humid days.

BigGalsLingerie provides customers with an eclectic collection of protective layers including chemises, camisoles and slips to keep dry and fresh in the summer months. Our designs are carefully selected and are innovative in terms of material usage and color palette. For more information, you can click here and discover our complete range of products and place your order. We will be happy to assist you!

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