Plus Size Mini Dresses

Plus Size Velvet Hoodie Holiday Dress
Size 1X to 12X
Plus Size Lace Halter Mini Dress
Gorgeous neon lace mini dress
Plus Size Prism Vinyl Halter Dress
Mesmerizing Prism Vinyl Dress
Plus Size Reptile High-Low Dress
Reptile print high-low dress
Plus Size Velvet and Sequin Mesh Dress
Size 1X to 12X
Plus Size Velvet and Lace Dress
Size 1X to 12X Available
Plus Size Cheetah and Fishnet Mini Dress
Plus Size Cheetah Hoodie Mini Dress
Plus Size Wavy Sequin Mini
Gorgeous sequin mini dress.
Plus Size Microfiber Halter
Tummy flattering design.
Plus Size Shimmer Hoodie
Gorgeous shimmer slinky design.
Plus Size Double Illusion
Microfiber double illusion.
Plus Size Elegant Shimmer Dress
Perfect for many occasions.
Please note that the plus size mini dresses in this section are "made to order" meaning they are manufactured when you place your order and will take about 2-4 weeks for delivery. If you need your plus size mini dress delivered by a specific due date please Contact Us and let us know so that we can put a rush on it for you. Thanks!!