Plus Size Shorts

Plus Size Jasmine Lace Booty Shorts
Size 1X to 12X
Plus Size Jasmine Lace Bloomers
High waist lace shorts.
Plus Size Booty Short with Bow
Lots of colors available!
Plus Size Ruffle Booty Shorts
Cute ruffle shorts.
Plus Size Ruffled Shorts
Cute ruffled boy shorts.
Plus Size Skimpy Scrunch Shorts
Super low rise scrunch butt.
Plus Size Low Rise Hot Shorts
Booty enhancing low rise shorts.
Plus Size Low Rise Booty Short
Low rise booty shorts!
Plus Size Shorts with Tie
Features a cute side tie.
Plus Size Laced Shorts
Adjustable laced down sides.
Plus Size Drawstring Shorts
Adjustable drawstring sides.
Plus Size Gathered Shorts
Cute gather in front and back.
Please note that the plus size shorts in this section are "made to order" meaning they are manufactured when you place your order and will take about 2-4 weeks for delivery. If you need your plus size shorts delivered by a specific due date please Contact Us and let us know so that we can put a rush on it for you. Thanks!!